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best sexting apps

The best sexting apps of privacy

When it comes to practicing best sexting apps it is very important to assess the level of privacy and security of the applications that we use to avoid intrusions of strangers

The applications are generally available through distribution platforms, operated by companies that own systems such as Android, iOS, and WindowsPhone.

best sexting apps

These tools can be downloaded and run on smart cell phones, tablets and mobile devices , some of which are free and others paid.

When you talk about applications to perform a task, there are those used to conquer a person. There are also some to keep in touch with the couple when they are far away.

This is how the applications to practice sexting arise , they keep you communicated continuously and in a more private way than a phone call.

Sexting is a very popular activity, especially in distant relationships. It consists of sending photos or videos with erotic content.

The problem is that many fear that these messages will be intercepted by hackers who can access the storage copy.

If you have this kind of concern, we show you the applications that offer more privacy and security to users . This way they can do sexting without any fear of falling into the hands of strangers.

Applications (or apps, as they are commonly known), are more popular for sexting. All offer different levels of security to take care of the privacy of the user, although none is infallible.

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Snapchat application

This tool is very popular because it offers the possibility of sending messages and images that are deleted in a certain time.
So, these can not be saved on the device . Also, it alerts you if the receiver takes a screenshot.


Signal application

Like Snapchat, in this application the messages, images and videos that are sent are self-destructing.

The ideal of this tool is that it encrypts those conversations or photographs that you do not want other people to see .

It is one of the safest you can find in the market and, in fact, many hackers choose to use it for it.


Frankly application

You can exchange texts, images, videos and voice messages, which you can delete if you regret sending it.

You have an option that allows you to participate in groups anonymously.

Frankly application

Disckreet application

It works with a military technique called the rule of two people, a skill created to prevent a single person from taking the power to activate a nuclear bomb.

An example of this skill is movies where you always need two people with a key each, can activate a code or a button and then launch a missile.

In this application two people are also required. Each one gets a password and they have to place it at the same time , in order to see what was sent.

In addition, the application notifies if a screenshot is taken of the content that the image was sent or if a hacker is trying to access the file.
There is nothing to worry about since everything is protected by an encryption of the highest military grade. That means that the password, personal data and all files are impossible to obtain.

Confide application

It is a messaging service that sends texts, photos, videos and voice messages. This application can also be downloaded on the computer.

It is of extreme encryption to avoid invasions of third parties, and, in turn, it also gives the option of protecting oneself from the other , that interlocutor in which one does not necessarily have confidence with respect to its discretion.

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Application Between

This messaging application was created for couples. You can also save photos, videos, audios, beyond the option to activate calendars and see the agenda of the couple to remember or ask how it went.

It’s like a virtual memory album , you can add a password to avoid strangers’ intromissions.

Kaboom application

This tool is very interesting, since it is not necessary that the other has it installed on your device.

After sending the message the other person will receive a protected web address that can reach you via email, text message or WhatsApp , among other alternatives. You can indicate the time or how many times you can see the text or image.

In all of relationship of couple it is normal that crisis moments arise , and the distance is one of the causes. Thanks to these applications can be reduced, because you can practice sexting.

Life should be fun. It is time to leave behind the traditions of society, taboos or criticism. Experience better the freedom to live your desires.

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