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Simple and effective tricks to accelerate hair growth for 2018

To encourage growth, brush your hair at least three times a day, for ten or fifteen minutes. Remember not to do it when it is wet so as not to damage it.

accelerate hair growth

Having a long, abundant, strong and healthy hair is the dream of many women, but very few get it easily. Thus, making hair growth faster becomes a concern.

That the hair does not look as we wish may be due to the fact that we do not provide the necessary care , with adequate hydration and proper brushing. That is why we are going to learn some simple but very effective tricks to achieve the volume, softness and beauty that we want.

Brush hair often

Perhaps it is the easiest trick we can put into practice to achieve the dream hair. Brush the hair at least three times during the day and for ten or fifteen minutes at a time, it is as beneficial to the scalp as a hair massage performed by a professional.

This simple task will make the hair grow faster , in addition to making it look stronger and healthier.


Trimming the tips promotes hair growth

promotes hair growth

This is a recommendation that all professionals make , but that we rarely put into practice. It is a very effective trick, since cutting the ends of the hair every three months stimulates the growth of new hair.

And not only helps hair growth and regenerate the one that is mistreated. When the tips are open can cause damage that extends to the root , causing it to dehydrate, affecting the entire hair in general.


Massage with hot oil

Performing a massage with hot oil at least twice a week is the best way to correct damage to the hair , especially when it comes to dryness.

The oil should preferably be almond , as this is a product with great natural moisturizing properties, which will make the hair look and feel much smoother and silkier.


Rubbing brewer’s yeast

Rubbing brewer's yeast

Brewer’s yeast is very effective to perform a daily massage on the scalp, you should simply rub a bit of yeast on the entire scalp taking advantage of bath time, this way you will grow very strong and faster.


Onion treatment

Add a ground or liquefied onion to your usual shampoo. You will see how hair growth is faster. But if you’re worried about the smell of your hair, forget it! since the smell of onion goes away as the hair dries.


Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil mixed with olive oil in equal amounts, heated for two minutes, allowed to stand for two or three days and then applied to the scalp performing a gentle massage after bathing.


Do not use hot water

To avoid hair loss and make it very resistant, we must try to wash the hair with cold water , because the hot water leaves the pores open making the hair weaken and fall frequently and easily.


Natural tips to grow hair

In a bowl place about three tablespoons of olive oil, heat them and apply directly to the scalp by gently massaging for ten minutes, then rinse it well, and later you will notice that your hair is much softer.

If you prefer, you can use a mixture of essential oils such as rosehip oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil and thyme in equal quantities (three drops each) daily , to massage both the scalp and all The hair. It will help it grow more easily.

Try to consume foods that provide important amounts of protein, which are found in fish, eggs and meats in general, these will help hair growth, healthy and strong.

Another trick is to dilute a cup of apple cider vinegar in half a liter of water to rinse the hair after washing it as usual. This mixture stimulates the rapid growth of hair.

In addition, you should try to eliminate products containing silicones , since these products can clog the follicles, blocking and preventing normal hair growth.

Finally, try not to wash your hair every day , it is recommended to wash it three times a week, in this way the natural oils that help strengthen hair growth are produced and preserved. And do not brush it wet, wait until it is completely dry.

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