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Original and easy ideas for decorating glasses

If you are thinking about making a party soon, we give you some ideas  for decorating glasses so you do not neglect any detail regarding the decoration. Decorate the glasses of your party to leave your guests amazed.

In matters of decoration there are no rules, each item is susceptible to be decorated and transformed for a new use. In this case you have probably considered how to decorate glasses for a special event, such as a birthday or a party.

The glasses are an important part of any party, they can be easily modified and added original details to match perfectly with the style of party we want to perform.

decorating glasses

Then we tell you how you can transform and decorating glasses so that everyone is amazed and take a good memory.

How to decorate glasses in an original way

We must first differentiate that some of these ideas are suitable for glass or glass vessels in our home, while other ideas are focused only on decorating disposable plastic or cardboard cups.


Decorating glasses with balloons

Surely if you are organizing a party you have some balloons that you have left over. This idea is very simple; cut the balloons in half and place them from the base as if it were a case.

Being made of a very elastic material will adapt to any type of glass you have at home.

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Paint them with acrylic paint

If the glasses are hard and resistant plastic, you can choose to paint them to your liking or give them the personal touch you want. Nothing like finishing the painting with a flange made with a permanent marker of silver or gold color.

On the other hand, you can paint the letters of the alphabet in the glasses with permanent markers.


Decorative ribbons

You can surround the glasses with colored ribbons whether paper, cardboard or cloth . They are an easy option to decorate them. Combine different colors and stick them with the help of a silicone gun.

Try that all the glasses have the tape in the same place so that it is much more uniform. You can play with colors and create fun shapes with the background colors of the glasses.


Paint the glasses with slate paint

The slate paint is fantastic to decorate a multitude of objects that we have at our fingertips. It has become fashionable and can be used not only on walls, it also helps us to paint wood, plastic, glass, earthenware or cement.

The ideal is to buy a boat of this painting and have it always at home. Paint a large enough stripe around the glass. Wait for it to dry and once it is well dried, you can paint with colored chalk the names of the guests or make any way you like.

Paint the glasses with slate paint

Paint with nail polish

Surely you have nail polishes that you do not want to use anymore, or that the brush is already damaged and you can not paint your nails well. The nail polishes are very striking and beautiful colors that will make your glasses stand out above the rest.

You can paint different shapes, be they circles, squares or stripes. Let your imagination fly and you will surely get some very original glasses.

In the same way as slate painting, you can not only paint the plastic cups for your party, you can also use that paint and enamel to paint pots to decorate your garden.

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Place stickers

There are very nice and worked stickers in case you do not want to paint your own glasses. It is true that there are people who are not very good at crafts and prefer to buy decorative elements made.

This is the case of the stickers, they are simple to obtain, economical and very easy to place . In this way you will get some glasses of an artist with the least effort.

Paste beads and decorative elements
If you have colored stones, pearls, colored balls or tree twigs , you can stick them around the glasses to decorate them and make some glasses for your party.

Whether in cardboard, plastic or glass, you will surely make your party a success by taking care of every little detail.

Surprise your guests with these decorative glasses, they will love them all!

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