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Ministry wants to introduce VGF for Mother Hilsa

Due to the lack of adequate stock of rice, the Food Planning and Monitoring Committee announced the closure of the ‘VGF’ program of the poorest of the poor, but the Disaster Management and Relief Ministry wants the program to start. The Ministry wants to launch the program ‘to preserve the mother’ Hilsa ‘and’ to keep the fishermen’s debt free ‘. The ministry claims that if they do not move, they will be given cash under the program. But the program can not be closed.

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The disaster ministry’s argument to launch the VGF program – now it is forbidden to get mother’s hilsa. Fishermen do not have any income source except for the collection of fish in the breeding season. Their creditors have to repay the loan installment. If they do not give rice to the middle fishermen’s VGF, they will get the fish in the pursuit of hunger and debt. In this case, untoward incident happened later, said the Fisheries and Livestock Department. So the fishermen must definitely make rice.

Ministry of Disaster Ministry sources said that the ministry has sent a summon to the Prime Minister about the launch of this program. According to the summary, according to the decision of the Food Conservation Committee, according to the government’s declared decision, the fishermen, fishermen, Kaptai lake and Halda river fishermen avoiding the accumulation of mother and Jatka hilsa under the VGF program, feed support to the rehabilitated families in Ashrun project, and to eliminate child malnutrition in school feeding program. And on the occasion of the Eid, food to the poor people across the country Elp to keep all the programs are closed. Apart from this, the program has already been extended to provide food support to the poor people in the six districts of the Haor area due to the floods.

Disaster Ministry says if the supply of rice is not sufficient, they want to allocate cash instead of rice. Instead of the cash, the cash will be provided to the families affected by the cash. The Prime Minister requested the Finance Ministry to give cash in lieu of rice instead of rice.

Asked about the disaster management and relief ministry secretary Shah Kamal in the first light, the Ministry of Fisheries requested to start the program with our letter from the Ministry. If they do not help the fishermen, they will get Jatka to pay for the purchase of rice. In the fiscal year 2017-18 fiscal, there are 4,20,000 metric tons VGF allocation in the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief. So if we do not have rice we will give money. But can not be closed.

Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Ministry said that the goal of the expansion of Mother Hilsa has been taking place in the whole country for 22 days instead of 15 days from 2016. During this time, fishing fishermen’s fishing was totally prohibited. In view of this, the provision of VGF food to the protection of jatka, as well as the preservation of mother hilsa and fishermen, has been given to VGF food assistance since 2016. The rice was allotted to 3 lakh 84 thousand 462 families in 25 districts at 40 kg rate.

In fact, around one crore ultra-poor families across the country were getting benefits under the VGF program. Before every Eid, VGF card holders were given 20 kg of rice. The last Eid has been given 10 kgs. On August 6, the Directorate of Disaster Management Director (VGD) Ghiyasuddin Ahmed signed the letter stating the decision to suspend the VGF allocation for the Eid-ul-Azha. Earlier, in the meeting of food ministry and food processing committee, the decision was made to disperse the VGF allocation to Eid al-Azha and distribution among the flood victims.

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