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Learn to customize your glasses

Take advantage of those to customize your glasses that do not have any kind of decoration and dare to embellish them to your liking with some very simple tricks. Write them down!

Often, we accumulate different types of glass containers that, taken together, are too simple and boring. Then you open your cupboard and you notice that you have too many glasses. There are those that a relative gave you, the glasses of daily use, the glasses of the celebrations, the glasses of the children, etcetera. Surely you would like them to be more showy, so we suggest you learn to customize your glasses.

customize your glasses

The idea is to take advantage of the “white” glass surface and decorate it to our liking. We can give a general motive to all or, we can classify them and assign them to each group, a special type of design. A good idea is to play with different designs but keep the same colors. However, everything will depend on your creativity and your preferences.

Here are some ideas for you to learn to customize your glasses with very simple tools and in a few steps. You will see that you will achieve very good results. Go ahead and get down to work!

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Discover how to personalize your glasses with a marker

Before making any design, we must consider a couple of things. The first is that the glass is clean and dry. The second, the type of design that we want to place. For this, we can make a sketch in pencil on a sheet of paper, to get an idea of ​​the result. In this way we will avoid taking a dislike if something is not to our liking.

personalize glasses marker

Once we have a clear design, we take a permanent marker (black or the color of our preference) and begin to draw on the glass. For the first attempts, it is recommended to opt for simple designs that are easy to trace freehand.


Any ideas

  • What do you think of a circle, a square, an X and a triangle around ? Surely fans of video games already realized. If you like you can even make them the color they appear on the PlayStation.
  • You can also draw a sailing boat with the black permanent marker .
  • Simply write your name or a special short phrase with beautiful calligraphy . If you have a special friend, decorate the name of this person and make it your special glass when you come to visit. Of course, you can also write the name of the people who live with you.
  • Assign the type of drink for which you will use each glass by putting the name of each one in the glass. Remember to do it in a decorative way. So, for example if it is a brand-name drink, then use markers of various colors to draw the logo. If it is a natural drink, draw the fruit from which the drink is made to the glass .


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How to customize your glasses with frosted paint?

We’re going to get a little more complex here. If you like to paint and decorate a lot , follow these steps to personalize your glasses.


  • Brush.
  • Glass beakers.
  • Lining paper.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Paper cutter
  • Frosted spray paint.
  • Paper perforator with design.



Before starting, make sure your glass is clean and dry.

  • Cut a strip of contact paper that is the same thickness as the figure of the punch. The length of this strip must be equal to the circumference of the vessel.
  • Once you have the strip, use the drilling machine or boring machine to drill the design. You must be careful with this step of giving a firm blow with the drill to make the cut clean. Remember that you are going to drill on plastic, which can be somewhat complicated.
  • When you have your strip with the designs already perforated, take off the paper to cover the protective paper.
  • Very carefully, stick this strip of contact paper around your glass. You can choose whether to design at the top, middle or bottom of your glass. Also make sure there are no air bubbles between the glass and the adhesive of the lining paper , otherwise the paint could be stored there. Get rid of the bubbles by pressing the air out.
  • Using a brush, start placing paint on the designs on the contact paper. Do not apply a very thick layer since it can come with the paper when taking it off the glass.
  • Let it dry and then, with great care, take off the paper to line, and Ready!

Do not let the designs of a puncher limit you. You have in your hand a frosted painting that, as you can see, gives a special touch to your glasses.

Do not limit your imagination and make other designs in your glasses. For example, you can make strips of contact paper and simply put them in your glass as you prefer and then paint the spaces between the strips.

We invite you to personalize your glasses so you can give them a special touch. Follow the steps we suggest to get a nice collection of personalized glasses.

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