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Destroying 5 million kg of Malta-Apple

Traders of Malta and Apple bought foreign currency expenses. Because the quality is bad or not expeditiously, the fruit is also wasted from the air-conditioned container. Chittagong Customs has arranged to destroy 5,15,000 kg of Malta and Apple damaged in such a way. The import value of which is around 3 crore taka. The market value is about 8 crore taka All preparations have been made to destroy these fruits on Monday.

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Talking to the concerned persons, it is reported that the loss of these fruits has resulted in losses of all public and private companies associated with imports as well as importers. In the customs fund, the revenue did not accumulate, because such an importer did not get rid of the fruit or sold it at auction. Port authorities did not get the fare to keep the container port premises. The shipping agent also did not receive the cost of the container compensation. All parties have seen profits in the losses of the exporters of foreign export companies. Because they exported the fruits, they made dollars.

Customs authorities now put 21 containers (each 40-foot-tall) products on the list of destruction. Of this, the amount of Malta is 4 lakh 67 thousand 520 kg. The amount of apple 47 thousand 887 kg There are also 12,650 kg of onion.

Customs Assistant Commissioner Ahsan Ullah said that the process of taking these results was started as the importers did not get rid of them. For this, the plant sampling system is not suitable for human consumption and the Plant Protection Center and Atomic Energy Commission reports. Therefore, it has been decided to destroy these fruits. They will be rescued from the port on Monday after digging a hole in the area of Halishahar’s Ananda Bazar area.

According to customs information, one of the imported containers Malta of Cotton Flea Limited Limited The fruits were brought from Chittagong to Chittagong port on 6 March. The employees of the company said that during the acquisition process, they found that the value of imported fruit was bad 25 percent. For this, the request was sent to the exporter for a discount. After 25 percent discount on the imported imported price, 75 percent of the container fruit was damaged. They did not take anymore.

Managing Director of Importer Fal Trade Ltd. Zakir Hossain said in the first light, ‘After paying the Fatal Container port, we paid $ 9,600 by multiplying through the bank. Now Shipping Agent Container is seeking compensation. The exporter is also pressing for this refund. But we have no fault. ‘

Like this organization, the fate of five container fruits of FK Trading Company in Chittagong Falmandi area will be destroyed. These five container fruits were brought to the port from Egypt on March 9. These five containers have a total of 1 lakh 28 thousand kg Malta. Apart from these two institutions, the import of fruits of nine importers including Maryam Enterprises, Ramisa Enterprises, FT Trade Corporation, Sohrab Enterprise will be destroyed. These fruits were imported at least 4 to 10 months ago.

The Container, owned by the French-based company, CMSGM, is destroying the fruits of 21 containers.

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