Wednesday , November 21 2018
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make crispy chips

4 trick how to make crispy crisps potato chips

If most of the times you do potato chips do not leave you with the right texture, it’s because you’re doing something wrong. There are some tricks to get some crispy crisps chips in simple steps. Who does not love crispy fries? However, many times we get the opposite, with …

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gratin of zucchini

How to make a gratin of zucchini and tomatoes

The combination of gratin of zucchini and tomatoes nutrients can be enriched with the ingredients you want and get the recipes that include them are full of health benefits. When making a gratin of zucchini and tomatoes, there are many possible techniques and recipes; in all cases, the result will …

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How to prepare cream of potato soup recipe with bacon

To avoid getting bored of always elaborating the same recipes we can include new ingredients in our cream of potato soup recipe and thus give a different and attractive flavor. We show you some different ways to prepare a delicious cream of potatoes. With each one we can get different …

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