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plants purify

Benefits of best indoor plants at home for health

Having a prudent amount of best indoor plants at home can greatly benefit your health, not only for purifying the environment, but also on the psychological level.

best indoor plants

Many people have many qualms about having plants at home. Especially when we talk about having plants in the room, they think that this is extremely harmful. However, this is a belief that is not true at all. Having best indoor plants at home and in the rooms is very beneficial.

Of course, we are not meaning by this that you have to fill the house with plants. It is necessary that there is a prudent amount and that in the room where we go to sleep there is only one floor . This is not dangerous for our health at all.

Why do people believe that plants are bad inside the home and the rooms ? Because, during the night, the plants breathe and expel carbon dioxide. However, with a prudent amount, the benefits they provide during the day more than compensate for this fact.

The plants purify and revitalize the environment

Having plants at home helps us to purify and revitalize the environment. The reason is that, during the day, the plants absorb the polluting gases that are in the air we breathe. They also help increase the humidity in the air .

 plants purify

Did you know that plants can cool the environment in summer and make it hotter in winter? Well now you know another feature that makes them so special and necessary in the home.

They help us to work and study

Having plants at home can be an excellent help to work and study . The reason is that the plants are a great ally to reduce both external and internal noise. This is noticeable, especially in small and closed places.

The plants drown the noise favoring that, if you work from home, for example, you will be much less disturbed by all the sounds that may come from outside and affect your concentration. The same happens if we study inside the home.

This great benefit that plants provide us will help us feel much calmer and relaxed. Thus, they will allow us to feel better, being able to work with greater efficiency and drastically reducing stress . Without a doubt, it is a very good idea to have plants at home.

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Reduce the dust in the home

Do you ever wonder how quickly the dust settles in your home? Depending on the place where you live or certain circumstances that we do not know now, your home may become dusty with relative assiduity. This causes you to have to clean many more times.

Reduce the dust in the home

The fact of cleaning the dust today and the next day may be frustrating and generate a bad mood. Therefore, plants can help a lot in these cases. The question is, how?

As we have seen above, the plants absorb the polluting gases that are in the air , purifying the environment, reducing pollution and helping the dust to be reduced up to 20%. If you are allergic to dust , this is very important to you!

Improve self-esteem

Did you know that having plants at home can improve self-esteem? This is due to the visual effect they produce. A house with plants is a house much more pleasant to look at, cozy and beautiful. This improves the mood and our own self-esteem.

However, plants need care. We must provide them with the water they need, transplant them when they need it, look after their health, if they have some kind of bug try to eliminate it … That is, we must be responsible, constant and think about the welfare of someone else than us.

Therefore, if we have low self-esteem, let’s take care of the plants, see how beautiful they are, how they improve if they have been sick … All this will give us a lot of happiness and make us feel much better . In fact, taking care of them we will be, in some way, taking care of ourselves. It can be a nice therapy to return to having a healthy self-esteem.

Do you have plants in the home? If you do not have them because they require a lot of responsibility and care, try to choose those that do not need you to be so aware. This way, you will not have excuses to have plants at home.

If you dare to have your first floor at home, ask for advice where you buy it to know how to take care of it properly. Well, if you do not, you may be dying and you may feel unable to take care of more plants.

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