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pieces of fabric

Add style to your torn jeans with pieces of fabric

Do not throw off your torn jeans, sew patches on them and go fashion.

The scraps of cloth that our parents put on us at school when they broke their pants have become fashionable. Now, not only will not give a feeling of reuse, but above you will go to the last. Thus, fashion has come to have this curious contrast. On the one hand, broken pants. On the other hand, the pieces of cloth. In this article you will find the solution to those pants that have gone from broken.

pieces of fabric
What are the pieces of cloth?

We could consider that there are three types of “tuning” in jeans . They are frayed, broken and patches of cloth like patches. The first two were put before fashion in the decade of 2010. But it seems that are the pieces of fabric that have become fashionable at the moment.

Scraps of cloth are decorative patches that are put on pants . Its main function is to cover broken, although currently used only for this decorative purpose.

Like all fashion, it is also reinvented from a previous one. In the decade of the 90, it was very common to use this type of pieces of fabric , especially in denim or leather jackets. For example, bikers or protesting singers.

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The good thing about the pieces of fabric is that there are them for all ages. They are more abundant in children’s fashion, but their fashion in clothing stores has made these patches are renewed. Therefore, it would be normal to find pieces of cartoon fabric. But, nowadays, it is also normal to find pieces of fabric of a clear pop fashion . In addition, these pieces of cloth can be of several types:

  • With adhesive behind, which must be ironed to the clothes.
  • Haberdashery , which must be sewn.

Haberdashery tend to be more sophisticated, because they are mostly made by hand. While the adhesives are usually related to the productions in factories and tend to have more pop designs. That is, depending on your tastes you will have to pick up an iron or a needle . It also has to be said that the stitches tend to hold more, the adhesives, when being glued, can go with the washing machine.

That is why, perhaps, the seducibles are better. Although they are also more difficult to put. And, of course, the sewing must be hidden inside the jeans. Whatever your textile gifts, remember this: hold the patches with two needles before sewing them.


Examples of pieces of fabric

The pieces of cloth are of all tastes and colors. We can find, as said before, from cartoons to onomatopoeias to more comic style or pop fashion. It is clear that the former tend to be more for children’s fashion. But, for more adult people, there are more or less serious. That is, more or less pop.

Examples of pieces of fabric

The pieces of fabric that could be considered more serious are the typical roses or flowers that even, sometimes, are already incorporated into jeans when we buy them in stores. This trend has been widely accepted, especially by women . As for pop fashion in the patches, it may be the most innovative and visual.

In these pieces of fabric, we can find, today and above all, the typical emoticons of the most used social networks. For example, the fruit , the faces, gestures, onomatopoeias, etc. Therefore, these patches may be more related to youth fashion and be more fashionable.

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Thus, we can appreciate that the idea that the patches are only for biker jackets has changed. We will no longer only see patches on television as a football shield on shirts or in war movies . Since the catwalks have picked up this tool to put it in style.

And not only in jeans, these patches have been introduced in all garments. Far away is that mental image that the patches are placed on the knee area of ​​the pants of young children. No, now we can even find them at the poles, women’s blouses or jackets.

As well as accessories, such as handbags, purses or shoes. Therefore, do not be surprised if you find a teenager with these pieces of pop-style fabric at the next elegant dinner.

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