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Benefits of painting

5 Benefits of painting for our health or mental health

In addition to promoting our concentration, benefits of painting helps us to distract ourselves from problems. Likewise, it can be very beneficial to work fine motor skills, both in children and in elderly people.

Benefits of painting

Painting is an activity that we have all done sometime in our life. When we are small, painting takes on special importance, since it is a form of expression and communication , sometimes at times when oral language has not even been acquired.

Authors of all times, countries, cultures and social classes have delighted humanity with their works, showing what they believe, what they want, their way of seeing life … and thus constituting painting as one of the great arts.

And you? You paint? Do you use paint as a means of expression? Or do you only paint for pleasure? Did you know that painting also produces positive benefits on our health ?


5 benefits of painting for our health

Communicative benefits

Painting helps us in our communicative field, since it allows us to express in a different way what we feel, what we want, our vision about something, etc. Through the painting you can manifest multiple feelings, emotions and thoughts . This form of communication is especially relevant in people with disabilities who have deficits in communication, or in people who are shy or who are not able to communicate verbally in a fluid and natural way.


Motor benefits

The use of different tools needed to paint, such as pencils, charcoals or brushes, helps to develop fine motor skills , especially in children. The handling and grip with the hands is perfected as this capacity is worked. In adults, fine motor skills are reinforced.


Benefits in the brain

Our brain intervenes actively in the activity of painting . The left hemisphere of our brain, responsible for the logical tasks, is present, as well as the right hemisphere, responsible for creativity and imagination. Therefore, when we paint, we are working with the brain, and we develop its capacity.

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Benefits for our mental health

Our mental health is clearly benefited with painting. On the one hand, painting favors concentration , and helps us to acquire it, because when we paint we must be focused on what we want to convey, and not on other things. In addition, it helps us to distract from difficult problems or situations that we may be living, while doing something that is relaxed and that allows us to go at our own pace and perform free compositions.

mental health

Benefits for our pleasure and fun

Painting is something that we can do in the company of other people, thus promoting friendly relationships and good times with friends. It is a way of being clear, calm, working with our brain and having fun at the same time.

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